The Rho Account

One account. Zero compromises.

The Rho Account – an interest-bearing, state-of-the-art checking account built from the ground up.

The Rho Account

The best of both worlds.

A checking account with the yield of a savings account. No more transfer headaches.

Rho Hero

Team Accounts

Team Accounts for managing budgets and expenses.

The Rho Account allows you to create multiple virtual team accounts. Team Accounts enable you to allocate cash to a given budget, person, or team.

Multi-user logins

Multi-user Accounts for operational collaboration.

Add team members from your department, or simply add a coworker to help collaborate or take ownership of budgets. You’re also able to limit access by user type and track their activities in the user activity log, meaning your confidential information stays safe.

Upgrade to treasury Management

Stretch your runway with Rho treasury management

1.36% APY
0.25% APY
See how much you could earn

$0 per year

FDIC Insurance

Secured up to $10m by FDIC insurance.

Deposits covered and backed by the full faith of the FDIC.

Safety and security of funds is our top priority at Rho. Your business’ funds in your Rho Account and Treasury Management Accounts are backed by the full-faith of and assurances of the FDIC.

Rho Account coverage up to $250k.

The Rho Account is covered by up to $250k in FDIC insurance through our bank partner Evolve Bank & Trust.

Rho Treasury Management Account covers up to $10mm at our advertised rate of APY.

Our Treasury Management Accounts coverage includes up to $10mm of FDIC coverage at our advertised APY rate via our multi-bank network of over 40 institutions. For sums larger than $10mm, APY rates can be negotiated directly with Rho Business Banking. Get in touch with your advisor to learn more.

Treasury Management

How we provide $10mm in FDIC Insurance.

Rho is not a bank. Instead, we partner with over 40 banks to provide you with the most FDIC coverage possible and the best available APY rates. We do this by disbursing your funds to multiple banks across the country. This service has been used by banks for years, but we’ve integrated it with Rho to provide you with the best rates and protection possible for your corporate treasury.

Upgrade to treasury Management

Your business is nobody's business.

Unlike other banks, we don’t share your data with credit bureaus or marketers unless you ask us to. Your personal and account information is always 100% secure.

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1. Rho Account APY is as of October 31, 2019, and subject to change.

2. Comparable bank rates are from and represent business checking and savings rates from national banks as of October 31, 2019.

3. Rho account yields are as of October 31, 2019, and subject to change.

4. The projected yield is a representative estimate and not an offer or guarantee. APY’s are market-based and subject to change.

5. Deposit insurance above $250,000 per account is offered exclusively with our Rho Treasury Management Account.

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