Business banking to accelerate your growth.

The 1% APY checking account for business. Up to $10m in FDIC coverage.
Apply in 3 minutes or less.

1% APY

Market-leading rates on business checking.


Wire & ACH Transfers, including same-day.


Team collaborators and software integrations


Up to $10mm in FDIC insurance with treasury management.

The Rho Account

1% interest, meet the single Rho Account.

Earn a yield on all your funds, all the time.

The Rho account incorporates the yield of a savings account with the flexibility of a business checking account, making it the most efficient banking experience on the planet.

Everything you need to run your banking out of the box.

Industry leading 1% APY

Treasury Management FDIC insured up to $10mM

Team accounts to manage budgets

Upgrade to 1.61% APY for balances above $250k

Fee-Free wires and ACH transfers

3 minutes to apply

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100% scalable back office. 0% new tools.

We're built to work with all of your back office tools, from Quickbooks to Slack. See how to leverage your existing tools with Rho Business Banking.

World class service

1-1 service from bankers that know early-stage.

Speak with bankers that truly understand your venture-backed and technology businesses. Our expertise is here to serve you through the course of your growth.

Assigned a dedictated banking advisor to support your growth.

World-class service from a specialist banker that understands early-stage and venture-backed businesses.

Immediate support from within your bank account.

From 8pm-8am, live chat within the Rho banking platform.

Daily phone service from 8am-8pm ET.

We know that sometimes a phone call is all that’s needed. We'll be here to answer it when you need to speak with us.

About Us

We get it. We're entrepreneurs, too.

We know that when you're starting up, business banking is difficult. But we want to give you one thing you don't have to worry about. So we built for you what we wish someone had built for us.


Best part: Rho is free.

Say goodbye to surprise charges from your bank. Never pay account fees, ACH fees or domestic wire fees again.

Switching to us is easy.


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