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Radically different Business Banking.

The first full-service business banking platform designed for teams.

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The Rho Account

Unlock your team’s potential.

Introducing frictionless, boundary-defying banking that accelerates your team.

Add TeamAdd everyone on your team to your Rho account.
Issue CardsCards for team members allow everyone to make payments.
Manage MoneyTeam Accounts manage and reconcile revenue and spend.
IntegrateSynchronize your accounting or platform applications.


Collaborate Together.

Create controls as unique as your company itself. Enable anyone inside and outside of your organization to create payments for your approval, or simply monitor their budgets with real-time visibility.


Cards & Free Payments For Everyone

Automatically categorize and reconcile card payments, ACH’s and wires before they ever hit accounting. Plus, all domestic payment types, incoming and outgoing, are free – including wires.

Save Time

Team Accounts To Manage Money Automatically

Create an unlimited number of team accounts to manage internal departments, contractors, subsidiaries, investments, and more in real time, providing total flexibility and full oversight of your company’s payments and spending.

Easy onboarding

Seamless Accounting & Platform Integrations

Synchronize your activity directly to your accounting platform of choice. Receive real-time notifications of transactions in Slack for additional visibility.


Safe & secure

Rho accounts are secured by military-grade encryption and transactions are continually screened by our compliance team to ensure your funds remain safe at all times.

Your Business Banker

1-To-1 Client Service

We don’t believe in branches but we do believe in service. Text, call or email your account representative anytime with questions or requests. If you’re local, we’d always love to meet in person.

Maximize Your Funds
Scalable Banking For Every Stage.
Scaling from start-up to enterprise, we support you at every step in your company’s lifecycle.
No FeesNever pay service fees. Not at
first, not ever.
Free TransfersStop paying your bank $30/wire. ACH, wire and billpay all are free.
Fully InsuredUp to $75m in FDIC insurance with Treasury Management Accounts.

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1. Rho Account APY is as of March 3, 2020, and subject to change.

2. Deposit insurance above $250,000 per account is offered exclusively with our treasury management account.

3. The Rho Account product is a service of Evolve Bank and Trust. The Rho Treasury Management Account is provided by a network of over 300 FDIC-insured banks.

4. Rho is not a bank. Rho partners with FDIC-insured banks to offer its products and services.