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APY on treasury funds
Cash-back on card spending
Wire, ACH & transfer fees

business banking to power you to the top.

Not just a bank, but your financial
growth machine.


Apply in just 3 minutes.

No branch visits and no walk-ins required. Rho brings banking into the modern age and that means no requirements to physically visit us. Take three minutes out of your day to apply and give your business the financial foundation it deserves.

Earn 1.6% – unrivalled treasury rates.

No minimums, and no restrictions on your deposits. Earn 1.6% annualized on business savings deposits. That could mean an additional team member’s salary, free HubSpot for a year, or an extra month of runway before your next venture round.

FDIC insurance up to $16 million per account.

Your business’ funds are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Company. This means your funds will always be there when your business needs them. We’re able to provide more coverage than the standard $250k by using our multi-bank capabilties.

Free wires, ACH, transfers and NSF.

Accountholders always benefit from free ACH, as well as domestic wires ranging from $10 to completely free, based on pricing tier. We’ll also never charge you an overdraft fee.

The Rho® card – physical and virtual cards that make team payments simple.


The 1% Business Cash Back Rho® Card

The best business payment card in the industry. Adwords? 1%. Facebook? 1%. Amazon? 1%. Anything you can buy with a card gets you 1% cold hard cash back.*

We think it looks pretty nice, too.
*Available with premium tier.

Create custom VCCs for employees and contractors.

Our flexible card system allows you to create custom, permissioned virtual credit card numbers to keep control of your finances and accountability for spending. Create a temporary virtual card for one-time use, or give every employee a card all under one membership.

Control how your money is spent by your team.

With the Business Cash Back Rho® Card you have full control, so you never have to worry about unauthorized expenses. You can set exactly where your company’s cards are accepted by category, amount or specific vendor, such as limiting purchases to hotels and restaurants or to only Google AdWords.

Flexible app integrations to streamline your payments, reconciliation, and workflow.


Accounting integrations and API.

Our flexible API was built so you can automate payment and accounting functions. Streamline payroll, or transfers. Connect your Quickbooks or Xero account to directly to Rho and make your CFO and accountant’s life easier.

Direct connection to eComm and media platforms.

eCommerce and media platforms present unique challenges with cashflow, reconciliation and payments. Connect your platform directly to your banking for faster payments, better visibility and improved treasury management.

Access to Industry specific advisors that know your market.

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    Available 8am-8pm weekdays via chat, text or phone.

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    Industry specialists dedicated to helping you maximize your cashflow in eComm, Media, Short-Term Rental and SAAS businesses.

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    Personal assistance setting up and transferring accounts, integrations and payments over to Rho.

Built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

We know the difficulty of banking when you’re starting up because we’ve been there before.

Why We Built Rho

We founded Rho after our own frustration in seeking a bank that made sense for us; one that offered great rates and service but was also hassle-free and and freed us up to focus on what’s really important: growing our businesses. In a digital world, we expect a modern bank that understands entrepreneurs and technology. That’s why we built Rho.

Our Team

We’re a group of entrepreneurs that have helped build over $1bn in valuation across our businesses and managed funds for some of the world’s most renowned investors. We came together under a singular mission: to build a better banking option dedicated to empowering our members.

We’ve built, scaled and contributed to these iconic companies: